The Sultan’s Daughter

Jane Downing’s novel The Sultan’s Daughter has stepped out into the world!


It is 1866 and Zanzibar is momentarily quiet after a rebellion against the Sultan. Sayyida Salmé waits in the harem hoping to be forgiven for her part in the uprising against her brother. When she hears merchant Heinrich Ruete singing from across the narrow Stone Town street, Salmé lifts her veil to possibility.

Set against the backdrop of the slave trade and the impossible wealth of the Sultans of Zanzibar, Salmé’s story of forbidden love unfolds dramatically and takes her further into exile. The Sultan’s Daughter follows real life events. It is a story of great love, and of great loss.

“Curious, courageous and rebellious, Sayyida Salmé of Zanzibar is vividly imagined in this compelling novel. This is a nuanced portrayal of a woman who chooses love but is pulled in every direction by different cultures, countries, languages and religions.” – Debra Adelaide

“Casts an ironic eye on Western fascination with the East … in a fascinating and highly readable fiction.” – Elizabeth Webby

The Sultan’s Daughter can be ordered through the Obiter SHOP here, or you can ask your favourite local bookstore to order it in for you.

You can also read more about the writing of the novel on the Obiter blog.

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