Look Deeper

On this website six Albury writers bring you stories from our region — from the mountains, the farms, the communities. There will be history, cultural notes, reviews, short fiction. Maybe even some poetry. Our title, Riparian, means relating to or situated on the banks of a river. It also refers to the parts of the river that lie under the water.

Vale Dotti Simmons

Dotti at the site of the Pumphouse Maker Space, Waterworks Rd, 2018 Vale Dotti (1950-2021) Dotti Simmons passed away peacefully at home on 1st November, 2021. She was an esteemed member of the writers’ group here at Riparian, posting on Ellen Kelly, the Parramatta Female Factory, Hotel Bonegilla, Rural Australians for Refugees and the annual… Continue reading Vale Dotti Simmons

Reading the (in)land

Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures edited by Julia Kaylock and Denise O’Hagan was published in 2021 by Litoria Press. Now available from your favourite bookshop. All proceeds directed to the Conservation Foundation. Poetry for the Planet showcases the work of emerging and established poets from Australia and Aoteoroa. The first section titled ‘Country — A Cautionary Tale’ concludes with ‘Reading the (in)land’ by Sally Denshire. See pages 50-51.