On Joy Hester’s late portraits of girls

a poem first published in Not Very Quiet at https://not-very-quiet.com/issue-7-september-2020/ Sun behind her on threadbare floor, at thirty-seven, draw girl and dog in ink, a yearning, younger self has dabs of nail polish pink, girl and gold-washed hound, peaceful on the (h)earth, ‘gainst the ground of brown. And did dogged drawing of Girl with Dog,… Continue reading On Joy Hester’s late portraits of girls

Intriguing story set in Albury

During their journeys to become tech savvy, each member of the IN-Group in this easy-to-read novel will proceed to change their lives in unexpected ways.  'Secrets of the In-Group' pays tribute to those friends who support us to overcome challenges later in life.  Co-authors Carolyn Re and Loretta Re (publishing as the Resisters) have done Albury… Continue reading Intriguing story set in Albury