Intriguing story set in Albury

secrets of the in group grab jpeg

During their journeys to become tech savvy, each member of the IN-Group in this easy-to-read novel will proceed to change their lives in unexpected ways.  ‘Secrets of the In-Group’ pays tribute to those friends who support us to overcome challenges later in life.  Co-authors Carolyn Re and Loretta Re (publishing as the Resisters) have done Albury proud! As a resident of the border city (on the Murray River in south eastern Australia) and serious fan of the LibraryMuseum and Murray Art Museum, Albury (MAMA) I was delighted to find these well-loved locations feature in the story as well as local nature spots, river walks, a specialty shop and cafe. I hope to see this book for sale in some of the venues it mentions.  ‘Secrets of the In-Group’ is an intriguing and enjoyable read!

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