Vale Dotti Simmons

Dotti at the site of the Pumphouse Maker Space, Waterworks Rd, 2018 Vale Dotti (1950-2021) Dotti Simmons passed away peacefully at home on 1st November, 2021. She was an esteemed member of the writers’ group here at Riparian, posting on Ellen Kelly, the Parramatta Female Factory, Hotel Bonegilla, Rural Australians for Refugees and the annual… Continue reading Vale Dotti Simmons

The humanising power of story

‘Story has always been a way to make sense of the world and give shape to our fragile lives. At the heart of story lies a love of both the oral and written word, its rhythms, and its potential to express both our individual uniqueness and what it is that unites us all’. At a… Continue reading The humanising power of story

Albury LibraryMuseum Turns Ten!

 Just think, our Albury LibraryMuseum is now ten years old! I say ’our’ because the LibraryMuseum endures as a favourite venue for people of all ages in Albury and surrounds. Here at Riparian we worship all things ‘river’. Click here to find out more about how the river inspires key design features of the LibraryMuseum… Continue reading Albury LibraryMuseum Turns Ten!