Albury LibraryMuseum Turns Ten!

 Just think, our Albury LibraryMuseum is now ten years old! I say ’our’ because the LibraryMuseum endures as a favourite venue for people of all ages in Albury and surrounds.

Here at Riparian we worship all things ‘river’. Click here to find out more about how the river inspires key design features of the LibraryMuseum architecture.

Celebrated Australian poet, Bruce Dawe composed ‘Living Rivers’ for the opening of the LibraryMuseum in July 2007. Today you can find the following poem inscribed on the external wall of the LibraryMuseum building on Kiewa St:

Living Rivers

Here in this place both past and future meet

And in the living present join their power,

And, as in every union that’s replete,

There is a richness which transcends the hour,

And makes it memorable for years to come

– So time will add its own encomium…

Since each of us, they say, is a living river

This tribute to our lives and to our land

Will serve to unite the gifted and the giver

And reinforce what we all understand:

That arts and learning merit our devotion

Just as our rivers feed both land and ocean.

And did you know the inaugural Write Around the Murray festival (WAM) coincided with the wintry opening of the Library Museum in 2007? Click here for the current WAM program.

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