Moira’s Orchid Painting

A local botanical artist has had the opportunity to create a work representing our region’s endangered Crimson Spider Orchid.

In 2012 Corowa artist, Moira Russell, painted the plant as part of the Albury Florilegium project.


Crimson Spider Orchid painting Moira Russell


Moira explained that botanical artists usually work from specimens, but the populations of this orchid are tiny and their location is kept secret. This time, it wasn’t possible to work with a live plant.

“I used a magnificent collection of photos that Paul Scannell (curator Albury Botanic Gardens) gave me, and for the roots I had to research it in my enormous book, Australian Native Orchids by Nicholls. It’s the bible of Australian orchids.” Moira Russell in conversation.

Moira’s work appears in the book Albury Botanic Gardens by David Lawrence, available from the Albury Library.


References and Further Reading

Lawrence, David (2012), Albury Botanic Gardens. Albury, NSW: Albury City Council.

Nicholls, W. H. (1969), Orchids of Australia: The complete edition drawn in natural colour. edited by D.L. Jones and T. B. Muir. Melbourne: Nelson (Australia)


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